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Base APK Installer
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Every Android user wants a free tool that protects his apps and allows him to explore new features free of cost. Base APK Installer is launched by Base APK, an amazing tool with positive reviews containing (4.5) ratings with 10 million+ downloads. You can install it and regarding the formats create backups for your apps.

It helps you to install all the apps which are not able to be installed on your phones. Now you don’t have to worry about these problems either. It provides you with a quick way to install apps from your SD CARD. You can also download private copies of apps on your smartphone, install them, and enjoy them without wasting more time.

App Features

It contains many fascinating and essential features. For a long time, users were facing trouble while installing some new apps. It was frustrating for them. But as usual one of the best apps in the market, Base APK introduced its solution for its users. With its wonderful features, you can install any app without any fear of security or threat issues.

1) Automatically skip corrupt files:

It will help you detect files with threats that will harm your data. It automatically skips corrupt files.

2) APK files can be scanned by SD cards:

It enables you to scan files from external and SD cards.

3) Total number of APK files:

It shows you the number of files that are being installed and also gives you suggestions on how many separate files are needed.

4) Install multiple files at a single click:

You can install multiple files with a single click without wasting time on installing each file separately. It will save your precious time.

5) Quickly delete multiple APK files:

You can delete multiple files by selecting them in a single click and tap it to delete all selected files from your external storage and SD card.

6) Give names to files:

Give names to your files so that it can be easy to search for them quickly.

7) Installed status of APK files:

It informs you about the installation process of apps without any errors.

8) Free space memory:

Itinforms you about free space available in your device and also aware you of the space that is filled.

What’s New in Base APK Installer

Some new facts attract it’s users:

  • Easy to use
  • Bug fixes & quickly address issues
  • More Compatible
  • Installation of Multiple apps in a single click
  • Storage informer

How to install a Base APK installer?

Firstly, connect your device to the internet then search it on Google Play store. Type “Base Apk Installer” in the search tab, and it will appear, click on the install option it will start to download on your device, when this process is complete this app will appear on your home screen.


Installing different apps on Android mobiles at the same time was a challenge for users, many of them faced trouble installing any app they wanted, to get rid of all these difficulties there is a new app launched in the market known as Base APK Installer which allows you to quickly and easily download apps within a few minutes. It introduces new features for its users including backups of your apps, storage or space information provider, etc. Go and install it.


Is the Base APK installer an authentic app?

Yes, of course. It has 10 million plus downloads which is not a small number.

Can we install and delete files more than 1 at once?

Yes, we can choose multiple apps and then click them to delete options and also install multiple files in a single click.

How can we know about storage, and base APK file uses?

It informs us about how much space is empty and how much is filled.

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